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Breaking The Ties That Bind _ Sevier County, Arkansas


Who We Are

After watching my daughter battle addiction for so many years, seeking recovery, and always returning to active addiction, I realized that addiction was so much deeper than just wanting to get high. There was a deeper root and the substance was just a numbing agent people in addiction used to cope with life. 


From that revelation, I had a burden for people in addiction, and from the burden Breaking The Ties That Bind began in August 2019 as a safe haven for sobriety and a starting place for new lives. In August 2020 BTTTB was incorporated as a 501 (3) (C)  Nonprofit.


Today, Breaking the Ties That Bind continues to grow and now operates 4 different programs that bring critical resources to an under-resourced community, to maximize the sustaining of economic stabilization, after our community has been ravished for too long by drug addiction.

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321 W Gilson Ave

De Queen, AR 71832



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