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Becoming a peer can be a rewarding experience for individuals who choose to commit themselves to help others. Peers provide an invaluable service by offering personalized advice and support based on their own shared experiences. It is often the case that peers have traveled a similar path as the people they are trying to help, which makes them uniquely qualified to offer empathy, understanding, and insight. Being a peer requires dedication, patience, and self-accountability—but the sense of satisfaction gained through knowing that you have made an impact in someone else's life is worth it in the end.


Volunteering is an incredibly rewarding and meaningful way to give back to your community. By volunteering to help with mental health, substance abuse, at-risk youth, peer programs, and community engagement initiatives, you can make a real difference in people’s lives. From providing resources and support to offering emotional comfort and companionship, there are numerous ways that volunteers can contribute to their community on a meaningful level. Whether you choose to mentor a child or provide guidance for someone struggling with addiction, your efforts will have a positive impact on the people and organizations you serve.


Breaking the Ties that Bind is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals suffering from mental health issues, substance abuse problems and other forms of trauma. Through peer support, counseling services, and community engagement initiatives, Breaking the Ties that Bind works to empower their clients to reach their potential and live independent lives. Donating to this organization helps fund these resources and programs, making it possible for people in need to receive the help they need. Your generosity will be put towards funding prevention education efforts as well as providing direct support services to those affected by mental illness or abuse. By donating to Breaking the Ties that Bind, you can have a direct impact on helping individuals overcome life’s difficult challenges.


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